The one who seek, learn

A believer is the one who wants to learn more and his thirst of learning never ends. No matter which age you are or how many achievements you have what it all matter is that you are a leaner.  One who is a learner is never satisfied with the knowledge he have, he would always find better way to approach other levels to gain knowledge.  No doubt, trials of life are lessons too and many people have this only source of learning in life. Challenges are necessary and are highly needed to be a part of your life because lessons you will learn from the loss are the real lesson of your or someone’s harsh experiences of life.


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The journey of life comes up with many roads in front of you but there is always thin line in choosing between right and wrong.  Sometimes we take wrong roads and get late for our destinations. Taking a wrong lane will never destroy the whole journey of you will realize your decision. Mistakes are meant to learn if realization comes early. So, stay aware of your own mistakes and be your own critic because this is the only way you can survive before reaching to your final goal.


As a Muslim it is focused to learn more, experience the life, recite Quran, understand it real meaning and be yourself. Never hurt anyone for any personal grudges, forgive others, and seek forgiveness for yourself too. Trust the one and only leader of the world, Allah and you will never be disappointed.


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