The Heart of Old Marrakech

Jemma Al Fna is considered as the heart of Marrakech. Unlike other buildings of plazas it is more open and centric to the city where you will found tourists and locals hanging out. It doesn’t have such a unique architectural design but still it is one of the most attractive sites in Morocco. It is a place where you will get music, food, medicine and everything. Morning starts with merchants coming and setting up their stalls at the first place. The evening looks more beautiful and place looks more splendid in incredible colors and aroma of delicious food.


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Include this place in your vacation plan and you will love it, no meeting can b better than this place. Observing locals coping with their daily life tasks and the ear soothing music you hear in the background makes it more amazing. Most foreigners do love henna paintings on their hands with spectacular designs introducing a new culture. You will get a chance to make most cherish bale memories of life there with unique and different experiences.


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