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Wars for the land and religion had ruled enough on this world but what about the battles you are fighting within you? Where it is not someone else standing in opposition but oneself? Fighting with your own demons is the toughest part of life. And at the end of the day you have to be your own savior because no one is going to take you out from the pool of your worries. When every door seems to close then one door is still open which is the door of Allah the almighty. The one and only waiting for his man to return to him anyway, call him for your help and despite of being aware of yours true side, he will respond every time. Trust only him and you will never be disappointed.


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Your whole life is your own battle and you are alone going to fight for it, you will have to understand your worth and to put your confidence in a way of people to destroy it. Realize the realities of life and accept them without questioning on the other hand, fight back and become a change in the world. But be careful while choosing your battles because every fight is not worth of it. Sometimes, we just need to avoid it to be at the peace. Realize the light of Allah in your heart and follow his path solely and life will turn into a better version of it.



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